Community Wise Womyn
                    Dr. Kayla Goulet Moonwatcher, ND, CHom.                    
                                                                                                                                         Naturopathic Doctor and Classical Homeopath in Boulder, CO 



 SHAMANIC DIVINATION:    What does 2016 hold for you?  Wouldn't you like to be fully aware and prepared?
                                                        Let us discover together through Shamanic Guidance, OH Cards and Psychic 
                                                        Impressions all the amazing possibilities, gifts, lessons and karmic balancing 
                                                        opportunities (including relationships, career advancements, travel, etc.) that
                                                        will be available to you. 

                                                        Sessions are booked for up to 90 minutes for $200.  Since we live in very accelerated 
                                                        times, I recommend quarterly readings.

GIFT CERTIFICATES:                When you schedule and prepay all 4 of your 2016 quarterly sessions, receive a discount
                                                        of  $50 per reading - this allows you to enjoy all 4 readings for the price of only 3. 

                                                        Receive $25 off the price of your reading for each Gift Certificate you purchase for
                                                        your loved ones and community members.

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