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                    Dr. Kayla Goulet Moonwatcher, ND, CHom.                    
                                                                                                                                         Naturopathic Doctor and Classical Homeopath in Boulder, CO 


To support you in achieving your health, well-being and consciousness goals,
Dr. Kayla Moonwatcher combines her skills of:

Traditional Naturopath (ND) - Classical Homeopath (CHom)
Master Herbalist - Consciousness Catalyst - Lightening Shaman


As a holistic practitioner and shaman, Kayla supports the whole person, not just the presenting symptoms. The combination of proven scientific methods and intuitive intelligence result in the  transmutation of health challenges and a greater awareness of who you are and how you can choose to create your highest level of health, well-being, consciousness and quality of life.


Kayla comments:

"I work my way out of a job all the clients improve quickly 
and move on to new and higher qualities of life!"

Health and Wellness Consultations
Specific Health and Consciousness Therapies
Caring for Mother Earth

 Skype/Kinect Consultations and Long Distance Sessions are available

 Health and Wellness Consultations

Optimum Wellness
Do you choose to be energized, vibrant and full of reserves to handle life's challenges? Not sure how to get there?  Join Kayla as you co-create the solutions to achieving your optimum wellness. Drawing on her multiple holistic trainings and experiences, and infusing it with her intuitive and shamanic guidance, Kayla can support  you to reach your wellness goals. After your initial assessment with Kayla, you will feel fully listened to and deeply supported by a plan for wellness which includes a personalized regimen of various holistic modalities and sessions. 

Acute Health Issues
Kayla effectively applies her knowledge to help patients resolve acute health issues, be it injury, strep throat, flu, or any other illness that comes on suddenly, Kayla employs energetic and vibrational remedies, such as homeopathy and flower essences, to help your body heal itself quickly and thoroughly. She also can provide methods to improve your body's immune function so that acute health crises are less frequent and severe.

Chronic Health Issues
Many times we are told that we just "have to live with" chronic health problems.  Often we are prescribed medication to take for the rest of our lives.  Kayla has vast experience helping people find lasting relief for mitigation of symptoms through natural, proven therapies that go to the core aspect of dis-ease.  Through her training and intuitive gifts, Kayla is able to find the physical/emotional/spiritual causes and effects of illness and apply techniques to untangle the web for better health.

 Dynamic Care from a Wounded Healer
Through her own personal journey of transmuting numerous life traumas, Kayla has a special heart for those wounded by anorexia/bulimia/obesity, incest/physical abuse/rape, alcoholism, automobile accidents and   traumatic brain injury: Kayla supports survivors to transmute their  traumas into a state of balance, health and consciousness..

Mediation and Relationship Health
An outside perspective on relationships is often needed to shift the dynamic to a more balanced and healthy interaction.  Be it couples, families, groups, businesses or corporations, Kayla offers her insights and skills through a very unique form of mediation to support her clients to fully understand all possible perspectives and shift their relationships to an energy of mutual respect, which empowers them towards positive change. 

Kayla's Thoughts on Natural Remedies and Healing

I have seen the power of nature and holistic modalities to restore people to a state of balance, health, energy, vitality, immunity and well-being.

As we achieve greater understanding about the connections between the soul, mind, emotions and body, and their impact on health, we will continue to turn to the subtle and amazing powers of vibrational medicine.

Classical Homeopathy
Flower Essences    
(Bach Flower,
Perelandra, North American/FES,
Earth Essence) 

These modalities are able to stimulate the vital force to help us release and be free on all levels of non-resonant energies and vibrations that may be holding us in patterns of shock, trauma, grief, loss, fear, sorrow, stress, tension, disappointment, separation and other imbalances.

Vibrational remedies are without side effects, dependencies, allergic reactions or high cost, and are found to be effective in nearly every case. Don’t wait until you are "sick" in order to get well.

We can consistantly raise our vibrations in order to elevate  the quality of our whole being, thereby transforming our entire lives.


 Specific Health and Consciousness Therapies

Lakota Raindrop Sessions
These sessions include therapeutic grade essential oils and Reiki, and are excellent for reducing viral, bacterial and/or fungal loads, relieving stress and increasing immune function. I find these session most effective when a series of 7 sessions are received within 5 weeks (2 sessions per week X 2 weeks, then 1 session per week X 3 weeks).

Spiritual Shamanic Journeys
These sessions are effective for numerous intentions – Power Recovery, Soul Retrieval, Restoration of the Heart, Life’s Purpose, etc. and for various clearings of accidents, emotional trauma, etc., and for direct information and experiences with Spirit Guides regarding your health concerns, spiritual growth, etc. We meet first to counsel and co-create the specific intentions for your Journey, which you then take home and work with for several days or weeks, and then we come together to facilitate the intended Journey.

Access Consciousness Bars/Clearings
These 2 hour sessions include setting specific intentions, the energetic running of your Bars and the vibrational clearing of numerous issues, traumas, patterns and imbalances from this lifetime and dimension, and all lifetimes and dimensions. You will be amazed at the improvements, changes and recalibrations that show up in your life after each session. You determine the pace of the changes in your life by choosing the frequency of your sessions.

SHAMANIC DIVINATION: What interesting possibilities, gifts, lessons and karmic balancing opportunities will be available for you in 2016?  Through Shamanic Guidance, OH Cards and Psychic Impressions, we will discover this  together. Sessions are booked for up to 90 minutes for $200.
        [See "SPECIALS" for discounts and gift certificates.]

 Caring for Mother Earth

Landscaping Services
Working with your vision and Kayla's intuitive communication with the Earth and her Divas, we will design, install and maintain your ideal garden - flower, vegetable, herb, meditation, memorial or other enjoyable outdoor spaces.

Honeybee Mothering
Kayla has been a honeybee mother for nearly 7 years, and can help you with establishing honeybee relationships in your garden.  She also relocates migrating swarms or colonies that have nested in an inopportune area, preserving the life of the bees while meeting the needs of the resident.

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