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                    Dr. Kayla Goulet Moonwatcher, ND, CHom.                    
                                                                                                                                         Naturopathic Doctor and Classical Homeopath in Boulder, CO 


Anecdotal  Cases

             A 43 year old woman fractured her right radius, ulna and thumb in a serious skiing accident. The emergency room doctor who set the bones recommended she remain in the cast for 10 weeks. As soon as she returned to Boulder, I gave her the Symphytum homeopathic remedy. All of her fractures healed quickly, and she was able to have the cast removed in 4 weeks.

             A 36 year old woman received multiple injuries, including torn ligaments in both feet and a traumatic brain injury, in a severe automobile accident. After 2 years of numerous allopathic treatments without improvement, and being told that it would take 10 years for the ligaments to heal and that her recovery from the brain injury was as good as it would get, she came to see what holistic healthcare had to offer. Her intense 3 X week migraine headache symptoms indicated the homeopathic remedy of Belladonna; within 3 weeks of taking one 200C dose, her migraine symptoms had cleared. Within a few months, her short-term memory and verbal articulation skills were showing a 30% improvement.  Following an in-depth regimen of herbs and essential oils, the tendons in both feet completely healed within 10 months.

             A 21 year old male was involved in a severe automobile accident, receiving a T-6-7-8 compression fracture. A surgeon recommended spinal fusion surgery, despite the fact that he was having no symptoms of nerve impingement. Fortunately, this young man had a long-term relationship with me, and he came right in for support. Over the next 3 weeks, we carefully followed his symptoms with aggressive homeopathic care (arnica, ruta grav, hypericum). At his follow-up appointment, the surgeon was very surprised at his improvement, “I have never seen LESS inflammation to compression fractures at 3 weeks; whatever you are doing, keep it up.”

             A 28 year old female diagnosed with Stage II intraductal right breast cancer. After an extensive case analysis, and discussing numerous possible medical and holistic options, we decided on a program of 45 days of detoxification and immune system strengthening. She then had a lumpectomy, and returned for further post-surgical holistic care (preventative, herbal and homeopathic). At 7 years, she remained in excellent health and completely cancer-free.

             A 45 year old male with a 30+ year diagnosis of plaque psoriasis, having tried every possible medical treatment (creams, lights, etc.) without improvement. Over the first 6 months, we cleared 2 levels of inherited miasms that were contributing to his condition. We were then able to move on to his constitutional homeopathic remedy. For the first 2 weeks, he experienced a progressive aggravation of redness, itching and thickening of his plaques. At 3 weeks, he called me early in the morning to tell me that, “I am feeling both creeped out and elated – I awoke to all of the plaques having fallen off and lying in the bed with me!” For the first time in his adult life, he was able to celebrate clear skin, health and a sense attractiveness. With regular constitutional care, he has been able to maintain excellent health and clear skin for over 5 years.

             A 55 year old male with an 8 year history of recurrent bronchitis and/or pneumonia every February, treated with antibiotics and several hospitalizations. He called me in December, hoping to prevent another episode that coming February. He followed a multi-level regimen of detoxification, immune system strengthening, anti-viral herbs and essential oils, and constitutional homeopathic care. Not only did he cruise thru that February without another bout of upper respiratory illness, but he has remained very healthy for many years.

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